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Ammo,old,rare,orinal,collectible ammo By the early 1950’s new models of ammunition boxes were developed to replace all of the types used during WWII. 2-200 rd magazines 5.56mm in links marked specifiy for M249 machine gun. Another way to represent 5.56mm ammunition in 10 rd clips and bandoleers (840 cartridges). Ammo,old,rare,orinal,collectible ammo
Old collectible ammunition in orinal boxes. 22 Rim Fire ammunition by Winchester, Peters, Remington and many others. Ammo that is prechild warning. Ammo.

Box Identification Guide for Collectors The older type boxes had rectangular ridges, large lettering, Army Ordnance Corps markings and model numbers embossed into the metal. The two raised dots on the opener end are typical of newer boxes. The older one on the left has the embossed cartridge to show the direction the cartridges face. Box Identification Guide for Collectors
USA Boxes · Non-USA Boxes. pertaining to collecting.22 Rim Fire Ammunition Boxes. The date columns are the revision numbers. All publications are.

Dating Remington Cartridge Boxes - The tops were generally shaped to receive the base of another box of the same type for better stacking. Both lids show the early method of construction, with a separate piece spot welded to each end to form the opener pivot and the hinge. <strong>Dating</strong> Remington Cartridge <strong>Boxes</strong> -
Dating Remington Cartridge Boxes. The following reference document is presented in an Adobe Acrobat file. Dating Remington Cartridge Boxes PDF, 5.8M.

Post World War 2 Ammo Boxes - Browning Machine Post war models would be simple in desn and more rugged than the wartime boxes. Newer M2A1’s still have a separate piece for the hinge but the lid has been extended and folded over to form the opener pivot. Post World War 2 Ammo <strong>Boxes</strong> - Browning Machine
The basic desn of many post war ammunition boxes has been around with little. lot numbers are shown for both types of cartridge and the date is also shown.

Custom Large Ammunition Box - Relic Wood The lids were flat and no longer captured water and dirt. They have flat sides and a shallow rectangular slot in the bottom to accept the handle of another box when stacked. pattern boxes that will usually have different model numbers embossed on one end or on the top. The M2A1 measures 6-3/32”x 7-1/2” x 12-1/32”. Most M2A1 boxes will have the makers initials pressed into the metal on the hinge end. The end pieces also served to form a degree of clearance when boxes were stacked. Custom Large <strong>Ammunition</strong> Box - Relic Wood
Custom Large Ammunition Box - Customize this vintage wood ammo box by adding your own photos and. Rush Service – Enter “MUST HAVE” Date .00.

Cartridge Boxes & Related - THE CARTRIDGE The basic desn of many post war ammunition boxes has been around with little change for well over half a century. A few of the most common post war boxes are listed below. 50 caliber box is known as the M2A1 although it is not a modification of the M2 but a completely different desn. The orinal model lid had sides that were inch wide at the hinge end and tapered down to 1-1/2 inch wide at the opener end. Later boxes may also have the model desnation and last two dits of the year of manufacturer. When the desn was changed, two raised dots were added on the opener end to provide that clearance and to keep the boxes level when stacked. Cartridge <i>Boxes</i> & Related - THE CARTRIDGE
I will list here cartridge boxes and other gun and ammo related items as I get them. the date stamps were applied to both ends, and it was ready to be shipped.

Collector Ammunition - Joe Salter The more recent production model has inch sides that runs the entire length of the lid. The markings are unusual as lot numbers are shown for both types of cartridge and the date is also shown. The extra “ L” in the lot number indicates linked ammunition. Examples of top marking symbols on recent M2A1 boxes. The older lids also had the wide side skirt on either side. Collector <i>Ammunition</i> - Joe Salter
Winchester Super X 45 Colt 225 Grain Silvertip Ammunition. Box contains a packing slip with KAM3 date code, indicating November 1, 1933 production.

Conco, Inc. - Products - Insensitive Munitions, Ammunition Boxes. The M2A1 holds 100 rounds of .50 caliber cartridges. This one was used for .30 caliber ammunition (Saint Louis Ordnance Plant). The lid modifications were the only major changes to the M2A1 desn in over fifty years of use. Conco, Inc. - Products - Insensitive Munitions, <strong>Ammunition</strong> <strong>Boxes</strong>.
From prototyping and small batches to the production of over 2.5 Million IM units to date, Conco is playing a leading role in this new generation of containers.

Dating Cartridge Boxes By Peters Cartridge Company - M2A1’s have also been used to ship pistol ammunition. For some reason the military would choose not to change the desnation of the boxes with the newer type lid to M2A2.. <strong>Dating</strong> Cartridge <strong>Boxes</strong> By Peters Cartridge Company -
Dating Cartridge Boxes by Peters Cartridge Company. Photos and information courtesy of Randy Hedeen. Here are some typical boxes from the Peters.

Vintage Ammo Boxes - Smith & Wesson Forum This older box also has an embossed cartridge on the lid to show the direction that belted ammunition should face. The post war .30 caliber Ammunition box is known as the M19A1. Adopted in 1946 the M19 series had officially replaced the M1 and M1A1 boxes by the early 1960's. Vintage Ammo <i>Boxes</i> - Smith & Wesson Forum
Is there a site that pictures vintage ammo boxes with approx age and info? I like the graphics on the old boxes, and if the price is rht, I pick them up now and then. Thanks, Bob. Vintage Ammo Boxes. Join Date Sep 2009.

Hide a cache - Geocaching Only about half of the M2A1 boxes examined have top markings M2A1 Boxes for: 1. Hide a cache - Geocaching
Mar 22, 2017. Restrictions on date of finds used for the challenge are not permitted. Military surplus ammo boxes usually have a rubber gasket, which is.

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